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No Show Thanksgiving Dinner

No Show Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s nearly that time of year when we gather with our families to celebrate Thanksgiving.

We lay the table with care, build up a blazing fire, savour the smell of roasting  turkey and eagerly anticipate all our favourite Thanksgiving foods. We’re thankful for the bounty laid before us. We’re grateful to be surrounded by family and friends. We’re warm and cozy and safe.

But not everyone’s so lucky.

Many of our clients have no home, no family or friends, and  no Thanksgiving Dinner waiting for them. More often than not, they’re cold, hungry and alone. Through the various programs of the George Spady Society, we do what we can to help. But we need your help to do so.

By buying tickets to our No Show Thanksgiving Dinner, you’ll be giving others a reason to be thankful too.

Purchase seats for you and your partner at $25.00 per head, buy a  table of eight for your whole family at $175.00 or live the high life with a VIP table for $250.00. The cost of all tickets are tax deductible. To purchase tickets, click on the Donate Now button below and follow the prompts. (If a George Spady staff member told you about this fundraiser, please leave his or her name in the comments box.)