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Sense of Belonging

One day a Place of Dignity (POD) client, let’s call him Dean, went out on his own. He was going to a couple of appointments: one with an optometrist and one with a doctor. He was armed with all the necessary documents and instructions on how to call Spady staff for help if  needed. Dean didn’t get back until 8 pm. He’d had a few drinks, so he went straight to bed. POD staff woke him around 9 pm for his meds and to give him a snack.

Once awake, Dean joined the three other POD residents in the common area. Maggie was laughing at a movie on TV. Tim was feeling hungry and hoping staff would order him a Hawaiian pizza. And Stuart was simply happy to be clean, warm and safe at last.

Full of confidence from his successful outing, Dean started telling the others about his day. He joked his doctor had told him he had “Hong Kong Hives” and possibly Leukemia (which he doesn’t). Spinning out his story, Dean added he wanted to be buried by the sprinkler “where the water always flows.”

Dean’s good humour infected everyone. Before long he had the residents and the POD staff laughing at his tales. For a few moments, the room could have been any room. The people any group of people. For a few moments, a warm sense of belonging connected them all.